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For the Good Parts of us Simply Stuck in Bad Roles

This increasingly sought-after evidence-based treatment is effective in a wide variety of scenarios and circumstances, including trauma.  It’s not about your literal family members.  It is about the ‘family’ of sub-personalities (aka, 'parts') inside of you and how your Self can be a leader and healing agent for extreme or counterproductive thoughts / feelings / behaviors.  In 2020, I became a Certified IFS Therapist through the IFS Institute.  My formal training began in early 2019 and has continued since; though I was first exposed to the IFS model in 2006.



Internal Family Systems therapy (IFS) offers unburdening in a robust and kind way, and I've offered it since early 2019.  Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy (EMDR) is another evidence-based protocol, for which I became an official provider in 2018.  Additionally, since 2013, I have been facilitating Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT). 
All three of these address unresolved/traumatic memories, helping clients to recover from posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other disorders.


About Addiction...

As an experienced Substance Use Disorder Professional and addictions counselor, I am prepared to assist with relapse prevention counseling for addictions. Whether using IFS to "befriend" the substance-seeking part within you or simply discovering and avoiding one’s “triggers”, acquiring refusal skills, understanding neurochemistry and locating one’s “natural highs” (as a substitute for substance use or behavioral addiction), I am eager to help. Let's create a relapse prevention plan that's just right for you.


A Happier, Healthier You

I am a clinical social worker who is passionate to engage individuals and couples who suffer in one way or another. I offer accurate assessment as well as appropriate, evidence-based interventions practiced in a compassionate manner.  Unconditional positive regard undergirds my work, as I measure client progress over time.


Here For You (and You and You Too)

As critical mass is achieved, I am eager to lead group therapy with my clients. There is evidence that group therapy is even more effective than individual therapy, and I have led/facilitated group therapy for several years using IFS, CBT, DBT and CPT as well as a more typical process format.  I am also an experienced classroom teacher, which fits many typical group moments.


Honesty & Humility

Since I have innate hope for people, in a client-centered way, I join with my clients in the healing journey. I am a member of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) since 2013, and proudly I follow their Code of Ethics. I am fully-informative and transparent throughout.  I guard your privacy. I use professionalism and boundaries. I am accountable. You deserve the best.

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