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Bridge into the Woods


From Former Clients

Testimonials: Welcome

"Jeff… Your knowledge of DBT is impressive. I can say that your teachings are a basis for my treatment and my coping skill strategy. Your calming voice and patience are strengths that make you a great counselor and positive role model in communicating with others. I hope to one day have your personality traits when working in a team or solving conflicts with others. Thank you again for your wonderful support.”

"Thank you so much for being an outstanding counselor. The work we have done together has been so very helpful.  … Seriously – you work in the business of saving lives and bringing about avenues, showing people paths to travel upon to rebuild their lives. (You) offered me an unprecedented level of care and support. … Thank you."

"(Jeff)...You are calming, comforting, and empathetic. You made me feel safe (in EMDR therapy)."

“Analyzing the parts I named and following the (IFS/Internal Family Systems) model was helpful in furthering my understanding of me and the root of my behaviors I want to change. I’m leaving with a sense of clarity I didn’t arrive with.” 

Testimonials: Testimonials
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